Auditions: “The Regina Monologues”

Auditions for “The Regina Monologues” will be taking place on Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th September between 8pm and 10pm on both nights.

As it stands the dates that have been initially chosen to perform this are the 15th – 18th November 2017. However, there may be a possibility that this may be moved to the last week of November or the first week of December, depending on availability of the hall. Further details at the audition.

How to Audition

If you would like to audition, then please Contact Us and let us know which parts you would like to audition for. You are welcome to audition for more than one role if you like. Please note that you MUST be a member to audition, so please Join Us!


Below is a character summary for each Queen. You are welcome to audition for more than one role.

Cathy (Catherine of Aragon) Age 30s/40s/50s
Confident woman, but as the show goes on she becomes a little more paranoid as she cannot produce an heir and knows there is another woman in Henry’s life. She does love Henry, becomes resentful as she is eventually sent away.

Annie (Anne Boleyn) Age 30s – younger than Cathy
Independent, knows what she wants, doesn’t take any rubbish from anyone. Likes to gloat and is proud that she’s “the only one” for Henry and loves the fact that she has won him over from “the first wife”. As the play goes on, she too becomes paranoid that he has possibly found someone else and that she has not been able to give him a son.

Jane (Jane Seymour) Age 20s/30s
Kind, gentle, sweet – somewhat naïve. Over the moon she is married to Henry, thinks the world of him. Excited first time mother – The only one that was able to give Henry a son. There will be the son’s birth scene as one of her monologues!! Though towards the end she is physically and emotionally weak, she still tries to stay positive.

Anna (Anne of Cleves) Age 30s/40s
Confident, proud of who she is and the way she looks. Doesn’t take things to heart, says it how it is. This Queen is the only one who stays confident and positive all the way throughout – as if being with Henry is actually all for “a bit of a laugh”. Also…..she is actually a man dressed as a woman – there will be a revelation of this at the end by her taking off a wig!

Katie (Kathryn Howard) Teenager/early 20s (or someone who can look and play a teenager well)
This is most probably going to be the most challenging role to cast, as this character is a teenager and deals with a very sensitive issue – sexual assault. She tries to do the right things for her family, as Henry is helping them financially, but she is traumatised by him and his advances and the fact that she has to marry him so that she does not upset him and ruin the family.

Katherine (Katherine Parr) Age 30s/40s/50s
Confident, headstrong, determined, not the sentimental type. She has only married Henry for his money and is planning on how to spend his money when he dies, without taking his children into consideration. Doesn’t mind Henry’s son Edward so much, but keeps her eye out for his daughters, Mary and Elizabeth, as they laugh behind her back and tell lies to Henry about her. Puts on a positive but false front with Henry, so that she can stay in his good books and hold onto the inheritance, but hates and complains about it in private.

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