About Us

Beaufort Players are a thriving amateur dramatics group with around 35 active members. We’re very much an amateur group, but we like to challenge ourselves to stage high quality productions. Putting on a play is much about having fun during rehearsals and work days as the performances themselves.

We’re lucky to have our home in the Church of the Ascension Hall which allows us to do as much of the production ourselves, from building our own sets and props to making our own costumes and doing our own sound, lighting and backstage — as well as a base for members to pop in and socialise every Wednesday.



old programmeFounded in 1962, we have a long and successful history spanning over 55 years. Over that period we’ve seen over 350 members treading our boards, including:

  • 10 members named John and 11 named Peter
  • 7 weddings of couples who met at Beaufort
  • 5 members named Gillian and 5 named Susan
  • 3 members who went on to have successful professional careers
  • 2 members obsessed with statistics
  • 1 member whose name is an anagram of Alluring Smells

Some members have gone on to drama school; others have become budding playwrights; everybody has learnt how to make a decent cup of tea.

When we started, adult tickets cost from 3s to 6s (that’s £3 to £6 in today’s money) and the typewriter-written programmes were a bargain at 6d (around 50p in today’s money). You can see our archive of programmes in our production history.


We’ve won the NODA London Flame Award (London Division Region 2) twice, in 2011 and 2015:

“Awarded to the Beaufort Players for their work in a small village hall in Ealing, yet despite limitations of space and technical requirements, put on shows, the acting quality of which is worthy of the professional stage. They adapt sets for their small, limited space and are constantly pushing the boundaries with productions you would not expect, and new writing from within the company. They are continually supporting new, young directors in their group, mentoring them and using their constantly innovative approach to the performance.”

We have also won several awards and nominations for individual productions and actors, both at drama festivals we’ve entered and from NODA. You can find details alongside our past productions.


The Beaufort Players are members of Ealing Arts + Leisure, the National Operatic and Dramatic Association (NODA) and the Drama Association of Wales.

We’re grateful to Grimshaw & Co estate agents for their continued sponsorship and support.