We’ve put on loads of fantastic productions over the years. Some we wrote ourselves, some we’ve won awards for; and now all of them are here at a glance, from our current and future productions all the way back to our very first in November 1962!

Current Production

Apr 2019
The Children
A thought-provoking environmental drama by Lucy Kirkwood
Tickets now on sale!

Past Productions

Mar 2019
Aiming High – One Act Plays
The Voyage by Matthew Wiggins
Fire and Forget by Thomas Cobb

Nov/Dec 2018
Beauty the #Pantomime!
An original pantomime by Alan Robinson

July 2018
Prescription for Murder

Mar 2018
Don’t Dress for Dinner

Dec 2017
Santa Slayed
An original interactive murder mystery by Thomas Cobb

Sep 2017
The Taming of the Shrew
Nominated: NODA London 2018 ‘Pat Redhead Drama Award’
Nominated: NODA London 2018 ‘Shinfield Players Scenic Award’

Mar/Apr 2017
The Thrill Of Love

Nov 2016
Boxing Clever
An original farce by Thomas Cobb

July 2016
Death In High Heels
Apr 2016

Target Driven
An original comedy by Jane Quill

Nov 2015

The Wind In The Willows

Jul 2015

Yes, Prime Minister

Mar 2015

Cold Front
An original comedy by Alan Robinson

Nov 2014

For The Chop
An original production by Thomas Cobb

Jul 2014

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Mar 2014

Lettice & Lovage

Runner-up: NODA 2014, The Eric Watsham Award

Runner-up: NODA 2014, ‘The Shinfield Players Scenic Award in Memory of Pat Barr’

Nov 2013


Jul 2013

Tempting Fête
An original production by Alan Robinson

Apr 2013

The Memory of Water

Runner-up: NODA 2013 ‘Pat Redhead Drama Award’

Runner-up: NODA 2013 ‘Shinfield Players Scenic Award Trophy’

Nov 2012

Ladies’ Day

Jul 2012

A Murderous Lot
An original production by Thomas Cobb

Mar 2012

Comical Allsorts – Comedy Double


Last Tango in Little Grimley

Dec 2011

An original production by Alan Robinson

Jul 2011

The Clink

Nominated: NODA 2012, ‘Pat Redhead Drama Award’

Mar 2011

Night Must Fall

Nov 2010

Noises Off

Nominated: NODA 2011, ‘Pat Redhead Drama Award’

Mar 2010

New Directions – An Evening of One-Act Plays

A Resounding Tinkle

The Trial

The Fabulous Zucchini Brothers
An original production by Thomas Cobb

Collectively nominated for the NODA ‘Dorothy Lawson Drama Award’

Nov 2009

Once Upon A Witch
An original production by Alan Robinson

NODA Review


John Barrowman Show advert

Jul 2009

Daisy Pulls It Off

Jun 2009

Goose Joose
An original production by Russell Gillman
Performed in Pitshanger Park, Ealing
Published by (Mini-Panto)

Video TBC


Apr 2009

The Titfield Thunderbolt

Nominated: NODA, Pat Redhead Drama Award

Nov 2008

Lady Windermere’s Fan

Oct 2008

Two Comedy Dramas – One Act Plays


The Fat Lady Sings in Little Grimley

Jul 2008

Bowing Out
An original production by Alan Robinson

Apr 2008

Habeas Corpus

Nov 2007

Alice in Wonderland

Apr 2007

Erica & Me
An original production by Alan Robinson
Published by (One-Act Plays)

Waiting in Soho

Thinking Aloud
An original production by Christopher Morgan
Published by (One-Act Plays)

With All My Love, I Hate You!

Jan 2007

Murder with Moonshine

Nov 2006

The Small Hours

Jun 2006

A Night Of Comedy Drama

Last Panto in Little Grimley

Pride at Southanger Park

May 2006

Outside Edge

Nov 2005

Role Play

Oct 2005

Charity Performance

Quite a Buzz
An original production by Alan Robinson
Winner: Western Division Final 2006
All England Theatre Festival competition
Published by (Comedy)

Temptation Sordid or Virtue Rewarded

A Little Bit of Burgling on the Side

May 2005

And Then There Were None

Apr 2005

One-Act Plays

Going Underground
An original production by Christopher Morgan
Winner of the ‘George Taylor Memorial Award’
2005 National Drama Festivals Association One-Act Playwriting Competition
Published by (One-Act Plays)

Easy Stages

Nov 2004

Arabian Nights – The Panto

May 2004

Three Of A Kind

What’s for Pudding?

Us & Them

Last Tango in Little Grimley

Jan 2004

My Friend Miss Flint

Oct 2003

Fishing For Clues – One Act Plays


Bang, You’re Dead!

May 2003

The Hollow Crown

Nov 2002

Party Piece

May 2002

Confused Relationships

Nov 2001

Musical Comedy Murders of 1940

May 2001

His & Her’s

Nov 2000

One O’Clock from the House

Apr 2000

The Pilgrim’s Progress
An original production by Christopher Morgan
Published by (Religious/Moral)

Dec 1999

Murder at Rutherford House

May 1999

Nude with Violin

May 1998

House Guest

Nov 1997

Seasons Greetings

May 1997

Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime

Nov 1996

A Play Called Noah’s Flood

Jun 1996

Separate Tables

May 1995

Gas Light

Dec 1994

Bah, Humbug!

May 1994

The Odd Couple

Nov 1993

Key for Two

May 1993

Pack of Lies

Nov 1992

A Touch of Danger

Jun 1992

Local Affairs

Nov 1991

Toad of Toad Hall

Mar 1991

Death Walked In

Nov 1990

Not Now, Darling

Jun 1989

Dandy Dick

Nov 1988

Bedroom Farce

Jun 1988

Deadly Nightcap

Mar 1988

Gosforth’s Fete

Nov 1987


May 1987

A Gown for His Mistress

Nov 1986

Murder in Company

Jun 1986

Uproar in the House

Jul 1985

The Art of Coarse Acting

Dec 1985

Alice in Wonderland

Jun 1985
Murder Mistaken
Nov 1984


May 1984

Outside Edge

Nov 1983

The Emperor’s New Clothes

May 1983

Dear Octopus

Dec 1982

Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime

May 1982

The Summoning of Everyman

Jan 1982

Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

Nov 1981

The Anniversary

May 1981

How the Other Half Loves

Nov 1980

Boeing, Boeing

May 1980

Separate Tables

Nov 1979

The Enquiry

Feb 1979

Blithe Spirit

May 1978

Suddenly at Home

Nov 1977

Pride & Prejudice

Feb 1977

An Italian Straw Hat

Sep 1976

The Real Inspector Hound

Jan 1976

Speaking of Murder

May 1975

Big, Bad Mouse!

Nov 1974

Relatively Speaking

Jun 1974

The Rats

May 1974

Fools Paradise

May 1973

The Bald Prima Donna

May 1973

Woman in a Dressing Gown

Dec 1972

The Geese Are Getting Fat

May 1972

A Man for All Seasons

Nov 1971

Hay Fever

May 1971

Night Must Fall

Jan 1971

The Lion in Winter

May 1970

Dark Brown

May 1970

Diplomatic Baggage

Jan 1970

The Browning Version

Jan 1970

Pygmalion & His Galatea

Nov 1969

The Curious Savage

Apr 1969

The Third Day

Nov 1968

Shop at Sly Corner

May 1968

Pools Paradise

Dec 1967

Something to Hide

Apr 1967

The Importance of Being Ernest

Dec 1966

The Paragon

May 1966

Love’s a Luxury

Dec 1965

Candied Peel

May 1965

Fools Rush In

Nov 1964

Pink String & Sealing Wax

May 1964

Distinguished Gathering

May 1963

When We Are Married

Nov 1962

The Charm School