Beauty the #Pantomime — Cast

We’re delighted to announce the cast for our Winter Production, Beauty the #Pantomime, by Alan Robinson:

Stewardess — Meera Sarin
Red — Mary Hill
Cinders — Kate Martin 
King — Chris Burns
Dame — Thomas Cobb
Warden/Ad man/Announcer — Peter Coles
Tinkerbell — Lucy Navas
Merry — Julia Marques 
Undies — Amina Muneer 
Whatevs — April Parker
Jangles — Matt Wiggins
Stormy — Jane Quill
Beauty — Gemma Robinson 
Charming — Lainy Cobb
Fairy G — Eileen Laird 
Dragon — Vicky Prior 

As well as a supporting cast of commoners and super-fans: Brandon Jacobs Brewer, Diana Dishley, Elaine O’Sullivan and Mike O’Connor

Tickets will go on sale soon. Why not join our mailing list to get advanced notice of when they are available?

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